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  1. SEED application should be on JATF prescribed form only and the reply against each point is compulsory.
  2. The applicant must have secured 60% or more marks in all the Board / College / University examinations commencing from standard 10th onwards till the last examination / Special test etc.
  3. All required documents must be attached along with the application. Incomplete applications will be rejected and same will not be eligible for personal interview and financial assistance.
  4. Recommendation from JATF or JITO FCP/Patron member is a must and same will be verified by JATF office.
  5. Application will be accepted by JATF only between April to July of each year.
  6. Application for Finance Assistance will not be consider for student who has already taken admission for the course.
  7. Applicant must arrange and give documentary proof  that he / she has already arranged at least 50% of the required TOTAL STUDY EXPENSES.
  8. Maximum amount of JATF per student should be Rs.2 lacs.  If the study course fees is more than Rs.2 lacs, then proof of arrangement of balance amount must be submitted.
  9. Financial Assistance should be given for a period of only 1 year or maximum of one time during the study period.
  10. Financial Assistance should be treated as Interest free Educational Loan and
    Indemnity Bond is required for refund of financial assistance amount.
  11. Personal Interview is a must for Financial Assistance if amount is above
  12. Up to Rs.25,000/- Financial Assistance, application of student from outside
    Mumbai can be considered and approved without interview.
  13. Minimum 30 to 40 days’ time is needed for total processing of the
  14. In case the student is going abroad for study, then the payment is to be
    released only after admission in the Institute.  In this case the student has to send the following documents :
    1. I-20 Letter from University, Copy of Passport page showing visa and immigration stamp.
    2. Copy of fees payment, if paid in advance.

15.In case of study in India, disbursement is to be made only after admission or part payment of the course fees by the student.

16.The applicant who has received financial assistance will have to compulsorily submit a certified copy of the progress report, marks etc., to the Trust Office, regularly – every six months, till completion of the course.

17. The applicant must inform the change in his/her COURSE, COLLEGE, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBERS, MOBILE NUMBERS, E-MAIL ID etc., immediately, as and when it occurs

18.On /after completion of the study, he / she must promptly furnish all relevant details of job/income/employment address, contact numbers, email ids etc to the SEED office.

19.SEED Committee should meet once a month.  If possible, a fixed day should be marked, like the first Saturday of the month.  This will help us to inform the students about the decision date.

20.Interview will start from mid-June onwards.  Time schedule shall be decided / changed by the SEED Committee, as and when necessary.

21. Application for Scholarship(Interest Free Loan) will not be consider for student who has taken benefit  under JATF-JELP Scheme.

22.SEED-Scholarship (Interest  free Loan) is only for students who wish to pursue higher study course after Graduation in India or abroad like MBA, Engineering, Medical, Pharma, Archiyecture.

23.SEED Committee is authorised and may sanction such amounts as they may   deem fit on the basis of merits and relevant details of the application and circumstances of individual case.  Decision of the Trustees is FINAL AND BINDING to the applicant.



  1. JELP application shall be in JATF’s prescribed format; duly filled against each point is mandatory. All required documents must be attached with the application form. Incomplete application will be liable to reject without any notice and same will not be eligible for any interest grant of subsidy by JATF.
  2. To avail the interest subsidy on study loan from Bank. Student must register (forms are available on website him/her self under JATF’s JELP scheme within 3 months from the date sanction of Bank loan for study.
  3. The applicant must have secured minimum 50% or more marks in all the Board/ College/ University examination starting from standard 10th onwards till the last examination and special test etc. he/she appeared.
  4. Recommendation from JATF Trustee or JITO Chapter is mandatory along with application form; subsequently it will be verified by JATF Office.
  5. Student shall have to submit his/her claim for interest subsidy in JATF Mumbai Office along with his/her JELP registration number in every financial year during 1st April to 30th June. In any circumstances, claim submitted for the previous financial years will not be paid.
  6. Minimum 30 to 40 days are required to process application received in the JATF, therefore, students are advised to keep patience.
  7. JATF’s JELP scheme will only provide interest subsidy during the students’s study tenure and will be as follows : (Interest subsidy will be given on disburse amount of Bank Loan)
    1. Total Sanction Loan Amount up to 4 Lacs – 6% Interest
    2. Total Sanction Loan Amount above 4 Lacs- 2% Interest

8.In case student is going abroad for study, then the subsidy will only be released after admission of students in the said institute and thereafter submitting following documents to JATF office with his/her registration number in JELP.

    1. I-20 Letter from University, copy of Passport front and back page and page showing visa and immigration stamp.
    2. Two copies of receipt fees paid by the student for his/her course.

9. In case student obtained/received any “Govt. Subsidy”, then after deducting same amount from JELP’s subsidy amount, balance amount will be released to the student by JATF.

10.Application for interest subsidy will not be consider for student who has taken benefit / registered under JATF-SEED Scheme.

11. JATF’s JELP Committee is authorized to sanction any such subsidy on the basis of merits of the case; evaluated as per the relevant details submitted by the applicant and circumstances of individual case. Decision of the committee is FINAL AND BINDING to applicants.